Homegrown Harvest started as a conversation with a few friends sharing the fun (and challenges) we had producing food for our table. Helping launch a community garden, and putting on  summer 'harvest meals' with friends soon followed.  I just plain enjoyed eating fresh, flavoursome, seasonal food.  I loved that we were giving our families tasty healthy food that was easy on our pockets.

Time since then seems to have flown by, and included a number of adventures, like developing a regional food event, the occasional gardening and cooking demo, and guest writing for Hamilton's Prime Magazine.


Now over 10 years on and through all the other projects I'm still growing seasonal vegetables and fruit in a small space for our family to enjoy.  We eat at least one portion from our garden every day, (sometimes more!), and you can too.  I love companion planting and finding ways for plants to work together to build a strong community in the garden.  Opinions are my own.

Follow along for tips, inspiration and in season recipes.

Tash x