Bountiful Berry Yoghurt Ice Cream

This simple treat is low on ingredients and high in flavour, and can be set and served in a few different ways. Sometimes I set in a 1 Litre tub, or individual moulds, or even as ice blocks. No matter which way you serve it, this simple ice cream will soon become a fast favourite.


  • 500 grams fresh or frozen berries

  • 500 grams creamy yoghurt

  • 2 Tablespoons icing sugar (to taste)


  • Place berries, yoghurt and icing sugar in blender or large mixing bowl to be blended with a mixing stick.

  • Pulse on medium speed until berries have broken down and combined with yoghurt and icing sugar.

  • Pour into individual moulds or 1 Litre tub for freezing.

  • Place in freezer overnight or until set. (Will take at least 5 hours to set).

#strawberries #jam #icecream

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